Gender differences in aspirations and attainment

Institute of Education, London, UK

12-13 July 2010

This conference brought together experts from different disciplines and from different countries, drawing on evidence from longitudinal studies and large scale surveys to examine the multiple influences on gendered career choices and development in a changing social context. It aimed to examine antecedents, correlates, and outcomes associated with gender differences in career aspirations and attainment in a global context. The conference took an explicit longitudinal perspective, addressing issues related to gender and social inequalities in motivation and attainment during the school years and in the transition to adult roles.
The event will help to shape the next wave of research on gender differences in career choice and attainment, and its application to practice and policy development around the world.

Key topic areas addressed were:

  • Early influences (childhood and adolescence).
  • Life planning: how do young people see themselves and their futures.
  • Adulthood: gender differences in career pathways and attainment across domains (work, income, family, health and well-being) and their link to earlier influences
  • Social, economic, institutional, and cultural constraints and opportunities: how is career planning and attainment shaped by structural forces such as social background, policy agenda, labour market opportunities, and economic cycles.
  • Methodological considerations

Sponsored by the Jacobs Foundation and LLAKES