Yi-Miau Tsai

Fellowship duration: March 2009 - February 2012

Yi-Miau Tsai Joined PATHWAYS in March 2009, and is based at the University of Michigan. She received her doctorate from the Faculty of Psychology, Humboldt University in Berlin in February 2008.

She trained as a developmental and educational psychologist, focusing on learning related motivation and emotion. Her dissertation, completed at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, investigated students’ motivational processes after the transition to secondary school. This project applied a short-term repeated measurement design to show that motivation is not a fixed entity. In the dynamic, every-changing social environment of classroom, situational factors such as various instructional features in the classroom shape students daily motivational experience. In addition, her research topics also include the role of teachers’ own motivation and their classroom behaviour.

Yi-Miau is interested in research questions such as how stable factors and unstable factors work together to promote smooth transition, and how transitions can provide insights into the underlying psychological mechanisms of resiliencies and vulnerabilities that may otherwise be difficult to capture. 

Since completing her fellowship Yi-Miau is now a Research Investigator at the University of Michigan in the Gender & Achievement Research Program



Parker, P. D.; Schoon, I; Tsai, Y-M; Nagy, G; Trautwein, U; Eccles, J.S. Achievement, agency, gender, and socioeconomic background as predictors of postschool choices: A multicontext study. Developmental Psychology, 48(6), 1629-1642.
Special Section: Educational and Occupational Planning and Choice as Core Developmental Tasks during the Transition to Adulthood.

Baumert, J., Kunter, M., Blum, W., Brunner, M., Voss, T., Jordan, A., Klusmann, U., Krauss, S., Neubrand, M., & Tsai, Y. -M. (2010). Teachers’ mathematical knowledge, cognitive activation in the classroom, and student progress. American Educational Research Journal, 47 (1), 133-180.

Book Chapter

Tsai, Y. -M., & Eccles, J. S. (in press). Gender Difference in occupational choice: the expectancy-value model and careers in science. In I. Schoon & J. Eccles (Eds.). Gender Differences in Aspirations and Attainment. London: Cambridge University Press.