Jaime Puccioni

I was a PATHWAYS Fellow since October 2012. I have a dual Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Curriculum, Instruction, and was a Teacher with an emphasis in language and literacy at Michigan State University, USA. I joined the Pathways programme in August 2012.

Summary of Fellowship

During my tenure as a PATHWAYS Fellow, I presented at several professional conferences, began several new research projects and collaborations, in addition to preparing a manuscript based on work from my dissertation for publication. 

Beyond the Fellowship

I recently took up the position of Assistant Professor of Reading at the University at Albany, State University New York (SUNY) where I will be teaching courses in Reading and Writing in a Second Language and Quantitative Methods for Literacy Research.

My research examines the ways in which family and classroom contexts influence children’s educational opportunities and development, with a particular focus on language and literacy. I am particularly interested in understanding how parents’ beliefs shape their behaviours, which in turn, influence children’s literacy development. My current project examines the relationship among children’s opportunities to learn, approaches toward learning, and reading development in elementary school.


Conley, M., Puccioni, J., Clara, C. (2007). Instructor’s manual and test band for content area literacy: Learners in context. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

Work in progress

Puccioni, J. (Under review). Parents’ conceptions of school readiness, transition practices, and children’s academic achievement trajectories.

Puccioni, J. (In preparation). Children’s opportunities to learn and approaches toward learning as predictors of reading growth in elementary school.

Puccioni, J. and Edwards, P. (In preparation). A framework for engaging parents to build children’s early literacy skills: A focus on parents’ beliefs about literacy development and practices.

Covay, E. and Puccioni, J. (In preparation). Inequality in noncognitive skills and cumulative disadvantage.

Puccioni, J. (under review). Academic socialization and the transition to elementary school: Parents’ conceptions of school readiness, practices, and children’s achievement trajectories.

Puccioni, J. Children’s educational opportunities and approaches toward learning as predictors of reading development.