Soobin Kim

Soobin Kim is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Office of Hannah Chair in College of Education in Michigan State University. He joined Pathways in November 2015. Soobin completed his PhD in Economics at Michigan State University and his main research interests are economics of education, policy evaluation, and labour economics.

Soobin’s current on-going projects are research on labour market conditions and college enrolment; evaluating the heterogeneous effects of Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC) policy on course-taking patterns and achievements as well as education attainment conditional on student background and school capacity; and studying the racial differences in course taking pattern and achievement among high school students and how the differences change over school years.


Kim, S. (submitted) Intergenerational Earnings Mobility in Korea

Kim, S. (submitted) College Enrolment over the Business Cycle: The Role of Supply Constraints