Richard Gollner

Research Scientist, Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology, University of Tübingen

Richard is a post-doctoral researcher at the Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology in Tübingen. His main research interests concern the mental well-being of children and adolescents, personality development, and academic success within the educational context. He is mainly interested in understanding the individual and contextual determinants of personality development. Additionally, he is involved in one project to investigate the validity of student ratings of classroom environments as a unique developmental context. During his time as a PATHWAYS fellow different research projects was initiated including the role of personality in the transition to vocational training (granted by the Netzwerk Bildungsforschung der Baden-Württemberg Stiftung) and the impact of linguistic survey features for the assessment of teachers instructional quality (granted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany). In his future research as a PATHWAYS fellow, Richard will continue his work in cooperation with other PATHWAYS members from the US and Finland.


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Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts in Baden-Württemberg „Teacher‘s Feedback and its impact on vocational skills students“ (2014-2015), together with Ulrich Trautwein, Benjamin Nagengast and Katharina Lambert


Federal Ministry of Education and Research “Linguistic Complexity of Survey Items: When Questions Shape the Answers” (2015-2017) together with Detmar Meurers, Wolfgang Wagner, Karin Berendes, Benjamin Nagengast and Ulrich Trautwein