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PI: Prof. Ingrid Schoon, PATHWAYS Programme Director

The Pathways program is run from within the Department of Social Sciences with the UCL Institute of Education.

The UCL Institute of Education is one of the world’s leading schools for education and social sciences and tops the league table for education research, according to the latest official audit of UK universities. The Institute achieved a superb result in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) with the highest proportion of world leading research in the field of education, placing it within the top 10 UK research universities. The IOE has an exceptionally strong track record of delivering high quality research projects, has considerable experience of collecting quantitative and qualitative data, analysing administrative data, and has conducted many large-scale evaluations of public policy for government and researchers at IOE.

The Department conducts world-leading multidisciplinary research which is typified by:

  • academic excellence in the application of quantitative methodology in education, human development and social science
  • to inform and influence policy, in order to develop and improve practice
  • the analysis of large and complex data

All departmental activities hold at their core the identification of critical evidence to address the nation's economic, social and educational well-being. Fellows appointed to the Jacobs Foundation Programme are exposed to state-of the art training facilities and expertise.

Existing collaborations with the PATHWAYS partner institutions include an exchange of visiting scholars as well as institutional affiliations with the International Collaborative for the Analysis of Pathways from Childhood to Adulthood (CAPCA) organised by the University of Michigan. Prof. Schoon is member of CAPCA and is a visiting scholar to the Centre of Applied Developmental Science in Jena.